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  1. hang about

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    • 1. 慢悠悠 he wasn't hanging about! 他做事雷厲風行!
    • 2. 等一下 hang about! I'm not ready yet 且慢!我還沒準備好
    • 3. hang around
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    • 請教英文翻譯~Purse would hang about

      Purse would hang about 19 inches from top of shoulders. 包包會垂懸大約19 英寸從肩膀上面。 問老師而得來的翻譯.......... 自己也有查..........參考看看吧! ~^.^~

    • 有關英文的問題 ?

      hung down 是由上往下垂hung about 是逗留;徘徊From the ceiling,huge lamps是從天花板上龐大的燈用hung down 是由上往下垂比較合邏輯

    • 幫我解一題英文

      第二個字母開首應該弄錯了 hang around or hang about "閑蕩"、"徘徊"、 "玩"、"閑晃" 整句: 他喜歡在學校附近玩 He likes to hang around/ about near the school.