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  1. hang around with

    • vt.
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    • The breakup song 中的翻譯

      I can't believe I hung around with you all this time 難以相信我這麼久以來都跟你攪和在一起You drove...

    • [中翻英] 在一起.... (內容)

      ...說明: 1) around與found押韻, away與way押韻. 2) 第一行縮自"I hang around with you"; 第三行縮自"I turn away from you". 2) 第二行與第四行以...

    • 英文自我介紹翻譯 ( 很急 15點 to draw and surf the Internet. I don't like to study and to hang around with people who are not easy to get together. And the last thing I want...