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    hang in doubt

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    • 幫我檢查英文文法!

      ...get the tivket to go to that event. 10. I doubt that you are the host of the dinner in Vancouver. 11.Many ... . 15.Perhaps I may hang up those pictures at regular time.

    • 英文字義題 (急問)

      題目: 我們天生會去避開那些和我們意見不同的聲音,這個傾向很容易就會引起組織性的團體迷思,使得我們變得盲目而作出極端或不理性的團體決策。 A. 如果和那些認同自己的人相處,團隊成員會傾向彼此同意並且不加懷疑就支持團體的決策。 B. 如果選擇遠離那些反對...

    • 請各位大大 幫我用英文 翻譯幾個英文單字

      ... 2. imaginary - existing only in the mind or imagination; not real 3. without doubt - a phrase used for "sure&...with sb; get on with sb 6. hang out - 1.(informal) visit a place often; have one'...