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    hang in the air

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    • [英文]校慶作文中翻英

      ...bright red apple; hanging over the flags, one and one, just like the rainbow hanging in the air. Celebration began, this time a well-trained team after a...

    • Winter magic 的中文翻譯

      ... brings a chill to the air夜晚帶來了寒意 Winter... light that shines in the hallway,蠟燭的光照亮了走廊...緞帶和套裝 stockings hung so that Santa might see.讓...

    • 請問海赤蜃樓的英文是???

      ... vague in the ether, Ships and the shadows of ships hang in the motionless air. (Longfellow) 在海市蜃樓景象中,陸地漂浮在虛渺之中,船隻及其影像...