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  1. hang on to


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    • 一句英文翻譯成中文

      I'll let you hang on to my car for the weekend, but i need it back for Monday. 你可以開我...補充: hang on to : 緊緊把握住 請參考: hang on to my car for the weekend= 好好利用開我的車去度週末 I need it back for...

    • 英翻中, ”Hang onto” 的意思及用法??

      Hang onto 也可以寫成 Hang on to 有抓住,把握的意思 We hung onto...39;s name why are you walking away? Hang on to your love. In heaven's name why...

    • 請教英文厲害的人

      what is it that keeps me hanging on to every word you say? 譯: 為什麼我一直無法忘記你所說的每一句話? hang on to...