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    hang over

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    • What is "hung-over tail"?

      ..." is the past participle (過去分詞) of "hang". "hang over" is to describe the crappy feeling after consuming a lot of...

    • hanging over his bed的用法

      hang-hung-hung吊掛 例如: My picture was hung on the wall. Mary hung her hat on the hook...

    • Hang over 3 is RUBBISH...甚麼意思

      Hangover 3 --《醉後大丈夫》系列第三集 Hangover 3 is RUBBISH... 醉後大丈夫3 是大爛片. 2013-07-11 12:28:54 補充: 該影片完整名稱是"The Hangover 3" 多謝意見區熊貓大指出.