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  1. hang something on

    • ph.
      attach the blame for something to (someone)
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    • 英文意思問題(idiom)

      ...something on its head 完全顛覆某事 turn something on its head 字面意思是 「把某事物轉成頭下...達成未必注重,而是享受追逐過程所帶來的快感。 5 something hanging over one's head 心頭記掛著某件要事 這一般...

    • 幫忙找hanging by a thread的意思~~10點

      ...thread (of a person's fate, etc) depend on sth small (指人的命運等)繫於一發...千鈞一髮 2010-02-06 00:34:34 補充: 只有 hang by a hair 或 hang by a thread 而沒有...Hang by a thread 的英文說明 If something hangs by a thread, there is...

    • 為什麼hang的過去式有hanged跟hung

      ...說明, 看完後, 您自然可以明白其間的差異, 因為hang 的用法: To fasten onto something so that it dangles. Also: To decorate by hanging. The mirror was hung on the wall with care. -其僅是用於吊掛物品時使用, 而hanged則是完全不同的...