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  1. hang something out

    • ph.
      hang something on a line or pole or from a window
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    • hang out with god是啥意思 my youth pastor or to fast from something in my Christian school chapel. I just want to hang with god. 我不要被我的青年牧師挑戰...hang with someone means to hang out with someone. 不是 懸挂 2008-08-28 12...

    • 請幫我把這些單字用英文造句跟解釋!!(15點)

      ...strict to her work just need to hang in there and wait. 3. hit the road... too long. shape (out of shape) : keep the body in good condition...down in a waterfall off the hill. 8.check something out : To ask someone to look at...

    • 請英文高手 幫我造句 急!!!

      ...tip of the park. <verbs> check something out 檢查(東西) Prior to returning to hike whenever he has time to keep in shape. hang in there 堅持下去 Even if the trails...