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  1. hang up

    • ph.
      懸掛, 掛起;掛斷電話; 放下(聽筒)掛斷電話
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    • 1. 懸掛, 掛起 Let's hang up some paintings on these bare walls. 這幾面牆什麼裝飾也沒有, 咱們掛幾張畫吧。
    • 2. 掛斷電話; 放下(聽筒)掛斷電話 The operator told me to hang up and dial again. 接線員讓我放下聽筒重撥。
    • 3. 推遲, 拖延; 擱置, 中斷 The plan has been hung up. 這計劃已被擱置起來。 The ship was hanging up on a coral reef. 那條船碰在珊瑚礁上擱淺了。
    • 4. (使)受到障礙無法行動
    • 5. (創)記錄 Bob hung up a school record for long distance swimming. 鮑勃打破了長程游泳的學校記錄。
    • 6. 煩擾, 使著迷 She is strangely hung up about meeting new people. 她對會見陌生人感到很不自在。


    懸掛, 掛起


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    • hang up with 是什麼意思

      you should find an American to hang up with 是錯的 應該不是Hang up with。其實是Hang out with。 意指出去玩、出去活動、一起出遊吃飯看電影等等諸如此類的活動。 翻譯是 - 你應該找個美國人出去玩。

    • hang的成語 用法 ?~

      hang out 相處 I hang out with my friends a lot. hang up 掛電話 She hung up on me. 她掛我電話 hung...

    • hang them up by their toes甚麼意思

      I like to hang them up by their toes. 真想把它們島吊起來修辱一番