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  1. harangues

    • harangue的名詞複數
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    • 關於”long and tedious harangue

      ...我展開疲勞轟炸」。 如果是指軍事行動,那就不能用版主說的「long and tedious harangue」了,因為這是指滔滔不絕、喋喋不休的「言語疲勞轟炸」。 這一串英文字要...

    • 請問一句英文的意思 play out well into

      The tension over these issues occasioned long harangues that played out well into the night. "這些議題的爭議張力(緊張情勢...

    • write a paragraph(20 points)

      On an aleatory Friday morning, while my mom was haranguing the politics, my dad suddenly educed a piece of odious news of a terrible...