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  1. hard currency

    • IPA[härd ˈkərənsē]


    • n.
      currency that is not likely to depreciate suddenly or to fluctuate greatly in value.
    • noun: hard currency

  2. 知識+

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      ...less than before. The best way to solve the problem is to make new hard currency,and it is going to grow up in the stock market. Thus,the benefit...

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      投入極限對某些揮發性時常湧現神經質在財政代理之中的一個重要章程, 必須處理硬通貨談判的方式用。實際上, 付款應該付的興趣和期間必須登記在, 通過申請表, 允許債權人獲得硬通貨在正式市場上的中央銀行。其它政策被設計勸阻如此called"sparrow" 資本(短期和根本上投機...

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      ...the primary export, the government maintained control over the official access to hard currency necessary for imports, and the Central Bank’s foreign exchange...