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  1. hard disk

    • IPA[ˈhärd ˈˌdisk]


    • n.
      a rigid nonremovable magnetic disk with a large data storage capacity.
    • noun: hard disk, plural noun: hard disks

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    • 為何有些句子把過去式放句首?

      1. Armed with laptops, modems, hard disk drives, and sandwiches, 12 computer experts settled...

    • 硬盤的組織和不同

      ... of data structures stored on disk to retrieve files include the MS DOS.... As a consequence not all the space on a hard drive is available for user files. NTFS...

    • 以下英文幫忙翻譯一下 謝謝!!

      Enterprise applications have to be re-architected to exploit the local bandwidth from the local hard disks. 企業應用軟體必須從區域硬碟再轉到改善區域頻寬