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    • hardly與nearly

      ... sun was so bright that I could hardly see anything. 陽光這麼炫目, 使得我幾乎看不見任何東西. 用hardly...注釋1的四個例句都是肯定句: You can buy anything you want. He was prepared to...

    • 英文問題~~~

      ... hardly eaten nothing since that morning. (×) He has hardly eaten anything since that morning. (O) 從那天清晨之後,他幾乎沒再吃過任何東西...

    • 幫我做這些應文選擇 (2)--現在急要

      ...she didn’t. 16.Mary wasn’t writing anything, was she? 17.Hardly anything was left to him. 18.Speak the truth﹐don’t tell lies...