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    • 粗心的,輕率的,浮燥的
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    • 幫我想想或看看喜帖上的優美句子(英文)

      ...reason at all, is regardless of all consequences, also is rash and harebrained. 愛情,富有神秘和自發的魅力,它是無緣無故的,是不顧一切的,也是輕率而...

    • 暮光之城1 無懼的愛 裡面台詞

      .... I would miss the heat.I would miss my loving, erratic, harebrained mother, and her new husband. But they want to go on the road, so ...

    • 幾句英文解析

      ...'d miss the heat. I would miss my loving,erratic,harebrained mother. 假設語氣時的 will 是 would 所以用 would But they want to go on...