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    • 請問一句英文句子翻譯,謝謝

      他們正在傳達什麼給我,而我是第一次思考去區別他們, 是否和指導與訓練的行程有關;它是粗糙的﹐比較不有生命力,比教學還要更機械性。

    • debate of the death penalty side of the argument, but I'll stand on your side this one time just for the sake of helping you out... personally think life imprisonment is a harsher punishment than death penalty. 3. The statistics...

    • 【急!贈10點】請英文達人修改英文句子!

      ... that the body might even be one thousand years old. It was located on the border between Italy and ..., men might be harsh on their kids while ...