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  1. harsher

    • harsh的形容詞比較級
  2. 知識+

    • liberty 和 harsh 的英文翻譯

      ...手段) 2. Since John is a serious teacher,he is very harsh at every student’s performance.(因為約翰是位教學嚴格的老師,所以他對每位...

    • strict,regorous,harsh這些單字是一樣的?

      ...嚴格 像是很嚴格的媽媽啊~ 或是很嚴格的法律 Strict mother, strict law Harsh 則是嚴格到「殘忍」 He's a harsh tyrant 有一種過頭嚴格到殘忍的...

    • Canada Traffic Law

      ...the severity of offense. There's not a standard of the punishment being harsh or linient since every incident is different from the other.