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    • 粗糙的事物,刺耳,嚴肅
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    • True ease in writing~的翻譯

      ... to dance 就好像那些身態輕盈的人都一定會舞蹈 Tis not enough no harshness gives offense 聲音就算不會因刺耳而令人反感 The sound must seem...

    • inclemency滴英文解釋與例句

      ...英文解釋為 : 1. stormy, rough weather, weather unsuitable for outdoor activity 2. severity, harshness, rigor 例句 : The inclemency of the weather kept us from school...

    • 很急!! 幫忙翻成英文就好 感恩

      ...feel a lot better with the rhythm, and it makes me feel that no harshness will ever beat me! 希望幫到 歡迎補充發問