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  1. hassle

    • IPA[ˈhasəl]


    • n.
      irritating inconvenience;deliberate harassment
    • v.
      harass; pester
    • verb: hassle, 3rd person present: hassles, gerund or present participle: hassling, past tense: hassled, past participle: hassled

    • noun: hassle, plural noun: hassles

    • 釋義



    • 1. harass; pester squeegee men who hassle drivers for change at stoplights
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    • IPA[ˈhas(ə)l]


    • n.
      irritating inconvenience: the hassle of child care travelling can be a hassle
    • v.
      harass; pester: you want to sit and relax and not get hassled

    Oxford Dictionary