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    • 斧頭,手斧,戰斧
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    • 英文翻譯,請高手幫忙檢查一下,感激不盡!!!

      ... usual morning, a woodcutter brought his iron hatchet went into a forest to cut some trees. &rdquo...the woodcutter answered. ”Is this silver hatchet yours?” ”No, it’s not either...

    • 化敵為友的英文怎麼說?

      Let's bury the hatchet and be friends again. **let's bury the hatchet字義就是咱們把斧頭給埋...後來冷靜思考後雙方決定化敵為友就這麼講,你也可以講Let's bury the hatchet!就可以了 2008-11-29 21:53:20 補充: 當logo的話,最好畫個埋斧頭的畫畫,老外...

    • 這個句子連接詞的用法

      ... used to be enemies], but [now that they have buried the hatchet, they have become good friends]. 在對等連接詞 but 前後兩組括號[ ] 內...