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  1. have one's heart in the right place
    • 1. 心懷真情(或善意); 心地好

      She has her heart in the right place and will help anyone in trouble. 她有副好心腸, 會幫助任何有困難的人。
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    高手來看下這幾句句型哪裡有錯感謝:))" are correct. The position you have placed is to EMPHASIZE, so you place it at...when it happened. English does have tense to tell people when it happens. In...


    ...the strange incident that ____ at their first meeting. (A) had taken place (B) took place incident後面是一個它的修飾語,屬形容詞性質的附屬...


    ...has + p.p. 也就是所謂的完成式句型 因此 Many changes have taken place since then. 可以寫成- Many changes have happened since then...

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