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  1. have (or put) someone/something down as

    • judge someone or something to be (a particular type)
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    • 請幫我翻譯這首歌的歌詞好嗎@@感恩

      ...黑暗的恐懼, I have a constant fear that someones always near 我一直有... fingers down the wall 你用手指頭... that something's watching...沒有人 And as you quicken up ...

    • 英文好的請幫我翻譯吧~~不要軟體的喔!

      為了除了自己以外的某人或某事解決一個設計的問題,會幫助你改變你對事情的看法,會使你變成另一個人或者物體一陣子。 從他的角度看看 這設計是去學習從最棒的解決方法的點,來解決問題的根本。 有句話是這樣說的 "你吃什麼就變成什麼" 差不多的意思,設計師看到...

    • English Question

      ...1. the quality that a situation has when two events or ... a complete change in someone or something, as in appearance or character, usually want, so I just write down the general explanation. Hope...