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  1. have a dislike of

    • ph.
      不喜歡; 討厭
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    • 1. 不喜歡; 討厭 He has a dislike of cats. 他不喜歡貓。


    不喜歡; 討厭

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    • 英文高手幫忙一下吧!like的所有意思 get up early. 我不喜歡早起。 dislike(n.) 不喜愛, 厭惡[C][U][(+of/for)] The boy has a dislike for vegetables. 那男孩不喜歡吃蔬菜。 2. 所有關於like的單字與分別...

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      ... not realistic. 6. I can't give you any promise. 7. I don't have a dislike of you actually. 8. I'm going to school now. 9. Have you had...

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      ... English as my college major. I have a dislike for other subject but Commercial English, which can make my collegiate life full of abundance and splendid. I can reveal my ...