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    have a disposition to

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    • personality traits和disposition

      ...希望、傾向There was a general disposition to go on aschool trip. 3. Characteristic(s)>> a typical feature or quality thatsomething/somebody has 特徵;特點;品質 ~ (of sth/sb)可以指...

    • 英文達人幫我翻譯(這是我申請文件的內容)

      ...because her mother doesn't feel good from time to time, so she needs to do the housework. However, she still has a sunny disposition. You can trust in her. Looking after the kinds and ...

    • One team 的修正後自傳 召領

      我在XXX在(我的)朋友的眼中,我是一個(樂觀和真誠的)人誰(同)的能力,溝通(和)協調。 (除外) ,在我的(心) ,我(有)一個陽光燦爛,親切和積極的處置。 我開始發揮(角) (當我在研究)初中生, (在) ,那麼我剛才(聽的音樂世界)妥(這段我不很了解...