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  1. have a down on

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    • 1. 【口】討厭或敵視 She has a down on me; I don't know why. 她很討厭我, 我不知道為什麼。
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    • ph.


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    • Let me love you down這句子怎麼解釋?

      ... a sudden down.商業週期經歷突然的蕭條。【口】怨恨;厭惡They have a down on Helen.他們怨恨海倫。down2 圖片參考:

    • Which one is appropriate?

      ...sympathetic in that sentence. I think it is more appropriate. Pity has a underlying meaning of (look down) on someone else; feeling oneself more superior than another. You would...

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      ... running on the street. 當我逛街時 next week Will A-mei be in two next week? A...6. Stanley, who has a terrible temper Stanley...大聲哭鬧. 8. Flopping down on the couch He ...