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  1. have a few

    • ph.
      drink enough alcohol to be slightly drunk
  2. 知識+

    • 英文文法句型的問題~~

      I have a few ideas , but none I am sold on 該句為...but為對等連接詞,如用 none of them....則句子不對稱 I have a few ideas (A), but....B A=B=句子 none...

    • 英文文法挑錯幫忙解惑謝謝~~~

      1. Kelly stopped and had a few words with us on her way to...34 補充: 1. Kelly stopped and {had} a few words ... 上頭誤打為 have

    • 請教few和little和a few和little

      ...數目」,因此【a few】及【few】+ 「普通名詞複數」(即可數名詞),例句: I have a few ties. (我有幾條領帶) (2)【little】指「數量」,因此【a little】及【little...