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  1. have a foot in the door

    • ph.
      have or gain a first introduction to a profession or organization
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    • Getting a foot in the door是何意?

      ...門檻。 This part-time work has allowed Frank to get his foot in the door and he hopes it will lead to a full-time job. 這個兼差工作使得...

    • 下手為強的英文是什麼?

      ...good beginning in half done (好的開始是成功的一半) Get a foot in the door (To have an opportunity 英諺: 先下手為強 ) To pre-empt strong (preemption 先發制人, 先下手為強...

    • Smart in a Stupid Way (歌詞英翻中)

      她的眼神中凝聚著鑽石般的癡狂 你跑得滿腳泥濘 我們緊扣門扉彷彿一切都將逝去 這是個煙霧瀰漫的一天 她抬起頭來問我是否有真心專情地愛過一個人 我只是打開了收音機往另一旁看去 她說你真是聰明地愚笨 這即是愛所付出的代價 因為聰明地愚笨 甚至冷眼望著愛人的離去 真的...