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    have a glance at

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    • 迷你購物狂原文書的問題 the mummy". In a word, "mummy once-over" means "have a quick glance or examination at mummy". Here "mummy" is the person who made the...

    • 請問~ \”盡收眼底\' 的英文怎麼說?

      ...a panoramic view / to take in the whole scene at once / to have a panoramic view/ 另一種 中文:把…盡收眼底 英文:in...過去所有的景物都能看見。 英文:to take in everything at a glance 摘自:萬人簡明漢英辭典 p6 成語:一覽無遺 翻譯...

    • 急~幫幫忙(中翻英)~~please 拜託啦~不要用網路翻譯

      ... will then ask you, "did you glance at someone when they're taking shower?" When I was small, I had a bad habbit. I always rub my eyes...