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  1. have a hand in something

    • ph.
      be involved in doing something
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    • 求救!幫找英文自傳錯誤地方

      ...totally agree that. They always give me advice of something or give me a helping hand when I in need. something 有點多餘。helping hand 也很口語。in need 文法用得不對。 直接建議改成...

    • 英文 文章 改錯 高手請幫忙 (20點)

      ...issue depends on different situations and it is unlikely to have a definite conclusion. On the one hand, advertisement indeed affects people in their purchase behavior. On the other hand, advertisement play an important...

    • 英文小故事翻譯成中文 急!!!!

      ... brother, who had the bad luck to be in love with the daughter of a duke. 一個農夫的弟弟很...never agree to give her hand in marriage to anyone who...therefore decided to do something to help the younger...