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    have a high color

    • ph.
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    • 有關 color 的片語

      ...COLOR == 本性 give a color to == 使...增色...等等有關color的片語 越多越好!! 20點 have a good/high color: 臉色好 change color: 臉色發白; 臉紅 gain color: 臉色變好 lose color: 臉色...

    • 尋找大大幫我翻譯tae kwon do

      ... the opposite of white. It is a combination of all the colors.It shows that the student has reached a high level of skill and knowledge. 黑帶跟白帶相反,它是所有段數的集合,而且...

    • 超~級~~緊急!!二十點~~髮品介紹翻譯

      ... ( 應是 cleanes 吧? ) hair and has a high affrnity ( 應是 affernity 吧? ) with the keratin structure...是 neutralizing 吧?) element. After color treatrnents, perms,decoloring or ...