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    have a lash at

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    • 片語造句(急

      ...的腐敗。 The farmer lashed out the stubborn mule. 農夫... teacher blowed up at John for ...爆炸了 The military had to blow the missile up in midair...造成 His joke set off a fit of laughter to all the audience...

    • 怎麼翻都翻不美?

      這個忍耐力十足的同床伴侶, 不但要忍受被因作著噩夢而尖叫亂打的另一半吵醒,還有可能會首當其衝的承受被他當成夢境中的人物拳打腳踢. 簡單的說, 就是那個可憐的人不但要被吵醒還得被打!

    • 大家能幫忙我一下嗎~英文演講稿~10點~

      ...well built. He has curly black hair that looks nice, a round face with a broad chin, and...very dark and alive, with long black lashes, and they seem to be smiling at people all the time. This...