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    • 1. 渴望 He has a thirst for knowledge. 他渴望得到知識。
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    • 請英文好的人幫我修飾我的cover letter

      ...就看妳了) and able-bodied(健康/健全). I am passionate(熱情), have a genuine thirst for learning(熱於學習), and a team player(合群). I like reading...

    • For countless generations...??

      ... master’s unquenchable thirst for dominionover the realms of... Tower, he has carved out apowerful realm...tolerate him, for he is a powerful allyto those who can afford...

    • how to get an A in ur class??

      ... a teacher's responsiblity to be prepared to teach, a student has the responsiblity to be prepared to learn. With a thirst for knowledge and useful tools for learning , an A-grade is no...