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  1. have a way with one

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    • 請問[has Susan]是省略了什麼?感謝! ?

      She's got a way with her, has Susan. = Susan has indeed got a... correct as it stood!  It is not a tag question! 

    • 文學問題!! (英文版)10點

      ... that I suggest while establishing a way of communication with one another are : 1) hand gestures(descibing...when ever possible as these two cultures will have to deal with each other time and time to get something...

    • 高手幫忙翻譯 Mercury 的一首歌~

      ... ( 黃金男孩 ) The boy had a way with words, he sang, he moved...控制著....做自己命運的主人. The girl had an iron soul no-one could recognise 那女孩....有著沒人...