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    • 請問 both 的用法

      I need approval from both of you to have access to the library. 我需要你倆的同意才能進圖書館。 to have access to the library = to... to you, you are allowed to have it. grant應該是授予動詞 此外access通常不會接介系詞for

    • the problem of range extender

      Setting up a range extender without having access to router 在沒有存取使用分享器的情況下,建立...筆記型電腦上設定無線網路增強器 I have a few unsecured networks to sponge off of and it seems that ...

    • 我想請問這幾個單子可以造神麼句子越多越好,包含中文的翻譯也要

      ...的一年級新生 1.access Only a few people have access to the full facts of the case. 只有少數幾個人能...1).演講;講課(+on/about) He continued to lecture on criminal law at Rome University...