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    have an ear to the ground

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    • (英文)英文俚語翻譯(急!!!)

      1. An arm and a leg所費不貲 2. keep an ear to the ground保持高度警覺 3. All ears洗耳恭聽....我已絞盡腦汁 28. She's a has been.她過時了 29. Look before you...

    • 【英文高手請進~~句子合併】

      ...the buzzard can see a bettle on the ground. Being able to hear the slight rustle of a mouse, an owl can home in on the rustle that...sound is inaudible to the human ear. 2. Bees seem to have a sixth sense which ...

    • 搜尋 希臘文學故事

      ... Pan had the audacity to compare his music... pair of ears any longer... misfortune with an ample turban or headdress... a hole in the ground, whispered...