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  1. have an influence on

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    • 1. 對...有影響

      Since its appearance television has had a great influence on our life. 電視自從它出現以來就對我們的生活有巨大的影響。





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      However, the graphic design background has an influence on her art work as most of the pieces have a strong typographic focus. 分析...

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      ... a teacher who has had an important influence on your education 形容一位對你生命...22:26:16 補充: The teacher who has influenced me the most was my...

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      ...influence me on the choice. 我不希望他影響我的選擇。 (2)affect (v.) 影響 have an influence or impression on; act on (指受影響而有了改變) Ex: The climate affected...