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    have an objection to

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    • 請問英文不定詞是要死背嗎??

      ... in, prevent ~ from ~, keep ~ from ~, be accustomed to, devote ~ to ~, have an objection to 上述的 to 為介係詞。 以不定詞做為補語的動詞:(To V) (1...

    • to + 原形V ; to(當介詞)+N/Ving addition to 除了這個外 (這個就是東西) pay attention to 專心於某件事 object to/have an(no) objection to/be opposed to 反對某事情 be used (adjusted = ...

    • ~somebody help 英文翻譯達人<4> ~

      ... bill would make it legal to have an abortion during the first trimester... would be required to provide an abortion to any woman who... with religious or ethical objections would not be required to...