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    • 幫我翻譯謝

      哈囉, 我正在和一個更年輕的女人約會。(21) 在我們開始和我約會之前正在聽故事 跟我比起來用支索撐住年紀較小者服用維他命 V 。 傢伙在他們的 20 年代中和三十正在使用 VlAGRRA 而且因此我決定我需要 相同的邊緣更年輕的傢伙正在得到。 25個毫克對我和我是最...

    • 我需要10個美式笑話(急急急!!!)

      ...6. What does a blonde say after having multiple orgasms? Great work, team! 7. Q: ...and carry! 8. A blind guy, a deaf guy, and an armless guy were in a cave. All...

    • 中翻英,一些冷知識

      ...維持30分鐘以上。Pigs can sustain orgasm for more than 30 mins.3.你永遠...自己的手肘. 70% of people who read this have tried the same move, trying... his eye muscles an average of between 10,000 to 1,5000 ...