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  1. have dealings with sb.

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    • 1. (與某人)有關係(尤指在商業上) I'll have no further dealings with him. 我再不和他打交道了。 We've had no previous dealings with this company. 我們以前和這家公司沒有商業往來。
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    • 英文自傳,幫幫我改錯以及變通順等等 share(sharing) workload of repairings, and learn how to make(改成have) dealings with customers. At this learning process(改成During the...

    • graft inquiry的意思

      graft 貪腐; 利用權勢獲取不義之財或好處 inquiry調查=investigation lightning rod避雷針, 比喻: 出狀況時, 被批評或怪罪者, 代罪羔羊, 背黑鍋的 (南韓前總統)盧(武鉉)上週自殺身亡, 使他從失敗領導人(的形象), 轉變成批判繼位者(李明博)的聚焦點 盧於十五個月前卸任, 普遍認為是無能的領導...

    • 麻煩英文達人幫我翻譯(商業書信)

      ...due to dissatisfaction with our service or with the quality of goods we have supplied. 很抱歉我們得悉自從上...obtain maximum satisfaction from their dealings with us. If the lack of ...