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    • 中文成翻譯英文

      習慣你的存在 used to having your existence 當你離開的那一天 the day when you left me...才知道失去你 and now i just noticed that i have lost you 我的世界根本都不完整 my world ...

    • physical在文中的意思???

      ...請問這三句中都有出現physical,這兒的physical是否有著自然的意思呢?] physical 是 having material existence,就是「實體的」、「實物的」。這三句中, democracy, constitution,center 都是...

    • 英翻中..拜託囉><(15點)

      The Internet existence also meant the society has in a big way regarding the computer...tourism developed city certainly all have the Internet existence. I often Internet ...