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    • on salefor sale 的差別

      ...has sweaters on sale. = Sogo百貨的毛衣正在發售中 Sogo has sweaters for sale. = Sogo百貨有毛衣出售 2009-04-15 14:49:39 補充: 好巧,我擧的例句...

    • 請問英文的got for的完整意思!

      ...甚麼可出售呢?」 What have you got for sale? = What have you had for sale? 兩句意思一樣. have既然沒意思, 那為什麼要加它呢? 因為「have + 過去分詞...

    • 1句英翻中”Inventory” means the

      ..." means the goods or products a company has for sale in its stores or warehouses.→ "存貨"是指貯存...