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  1. have had enough of

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    • 1. 不能(或不願)再容忍某事物 After three years without promotion he decided he had had enough of it and resigned. 他三年未獲提升, 認為已受夠了, 便辭了職。 I have had enough of her continual chatter. 我已厭煩了她喋喋不休的閑談。
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      1. If I had had enough money then, I could have bought the house...種狀況: 然後又有另外一句 If I had enough money, I could buy a car. 條件句裡用過去...

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      ...倒裝句,原句為下 【If I had had enough money, I would have been abroad for forther...將時態再往前推1格即可 《ex》If I had had studied hard last year, I...

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      ... + would, could + have + pp. 2.Last year if I had had enough money, I would have bought a big house. 中譯為假如去年我有足夠的錢...