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    • Prospects...散文翻譯

      題目: Prospects in the Arts and Science 題目: 展望藝術與科學 作者名:by J...

    • What's wrong with these young

      ...especially colored immigrants, have long complained that they have little prospect of finding a job in the current economic climate. (由於歐洲及英國經濟蕭條,許多青年人,特別是移居英國...

    • 高中英文問題麻煩請詳細解說 卸卸

      (1) In _____ , I wonder if we should have done more. (A) respect (B) introspect (C) prospect (D) retrospect Ans...)succeed in是片語, have succeeded in 是它的現在完成式, 正解...