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    • 有關influence的相關字

      ...權勢: use one's influence (with sb) 利用(与某人的關係的)影響力 * She has great influence with the manager and could no doubt help you. 她對經理很有影響力, 無疑能帮你忙.

    • 誰可以幫我造英文造句.總共20句.我星期一就要交了.急急急

      ... made by the Mayor have much influence on our future. 市長作的決定對於我們的未來有很大影響 be popular with Jay Chou is popular with young...

    • 文法挑錯求觧答

      ...後即為A film concerned with aborigines very much attracts us. 2. (c)influence on 超級力量在許多方面對那些小國家...quot;影響"時不可數. A have influence on B. 在have influence後...