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  1. have it coming (to one)

    • ph.
      be due for retribution on account of something bad that one has done
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    • Has it really come to this?的中文

      這問下列這句英文的中文意思是什麼呢: Has it really come to this? 真的到了這個地步了嗎?

    • come to?在這裡的意思是?

      ...a young lady. After one month marriage, she come to realize that she become pregnant. It came as a shock . She wasn't reay to have a baby. 結婚一個月後,她終於意識到她懷孕了.這樣的來臨就像是打擊一般.她還沒...

    • 請幫忙英文分析(包括主詞 動詞 單位 子句)

      第一段: When it comes to drinking, Blackmore says Australians have a lot more freedom. “We...,”:引述句 not to mention 片語 a legal drinking...