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  1. have it off with

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    • 1. 【俚】與某人性交 She was having it off with a neighbour while her husband was away on business. 她在丈夫出差時跟鄰居發生了性關係。



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    • 幾個英文片語問題

      ...edge (on / over sb/sth) : a light advantage over sb/ sth (微弱的)優勢 ex: They have the edge on us. (他們略勝我們一籌。) * 至於是勝過人或事要視文意而定。 hit it off with (someone) 很快與某人成為好友 ex: Bill seems to hit it off with...

    • shake it off

      Shake it off 是把身上的東西抖掉, 甩掉, 不管是具體的東西或是無形的感覺. 這裡那個男...

    • 請幫我翻譯句子,英翻中通順的翻譯喔!!

      ...創造了一片繁榮景氣。 the revolutionary wii has proved a smash-hit with gamers and has already seen off the competition from its more powerful rivals Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony...