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  1. have need of something

    • ph.
      need something
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    • ph.
      need something

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 英文字詞 翻譯這個詞

      ...a tack without saying something about it. A pretty good...the "commercial end" of a carpet-tack; a savage will... they "had me," sloop and all... had no need of a dog; they howled...

    • 有幾句英文我有點翻不太順 有英文高手願意幫我 翻譯嗎

      ...下列那一項的解釋與有下底線的字其意思比較符合? 請勾選正確答案. To have or achieve something because of someone or something else. 因為某人或其它事項而擁有或達成某些事情 To need to pay someone for something 必須為某些事情付一些錢給某人 To become ...

    • 請大家幫忙解釋以下的英文諺語

      ...知足常樂。Definition:something that you say which means you should not have more of something than you need. The Example:No, thank you, nothing more to drink for me...