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    have no capacity for improvement

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    • 英文自傳麻煩幫忙檢查

      ... it, good work cannot be done no matter how good a person or how big the company bonus. In my second company, I was responsible for consumer product reliability testing, besed on ...

    • ((急))幫我修改一下文章

      ...much higher than that for self own vehicles , for this point, the Kaohsiung citizens should take... the emission of carbon dioxide and the current capacity of vehicles on road. 希望每個人都能為環保盡...

    • 英文新聞 翻譯成中文

      校園體育課並不能幫孩童減肥 加拿大醫學刊物CMAJ裡一份新研究顯示,學校裡的體能課程確實在各方面幫孩童促進健康,但是它們並不一定就是用來對抗肥胖的。 在18,000位學生參予校內的"安插體能活動"中,發現他們的血壓、肌肉質量、骨質密度、肺活量和柔軟度都有獲得...