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  1. have no notion of


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    • 1. 不知道;不明白 I have no notion of what you're talking about. 我不明白你在說些什麼。
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    • notion和 conception有什麼不同?

      ...概念;想法;見解[(+of)] [that], [+wh-] ex: I have no notion of what it means. (我不知道這意味著什麼...10-05 18:55:22 補充: 更正,應該是: He has no notion of risking his money.

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      ... of a lifeless place that has no particular appeal. The poet would... the physical qualities of “nice” in such tenements the notion of home carries a set of...

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      ..., I desire to enhance the notion of (trash recycling). Third... (aware) that they are (no) longer nave children..., but I have a clear choice. I think that...