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    have on one's shoulders

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    • 英文慣用語~~

      ...一個字(因為查了手邊的字典及網路字典,顯示您的問題少了一個字),應該是have a good head on ones shoulders,這片語指to be sensible and intelligent(頭腦清醒、有才智的),例句如下: ...

    • 幾個英文片語麻煩各位幫我造句

      ...懂了嗎) 3. (說話,行動等)認真,當真 4.盛氣凌人,愛打架,She always has a chip on her shoulder, so nobody want to be with her. 5. 讓頭髮放下來→ 不拘小節輕鬆一下 6...

    • 翻譯應徵招聘文件(中翻英)

      ... employed probably , please send the application form in order to carry on one's shoulder or back. I have dealt with the work already for two years in the document. Especially...