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  1. have one's eyes on stalks

    • ph.
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    • 英文句子解釋

      ... premier is due to retire in two years’ time; he might already have one eye on his legacy. 這位總理兩年後將卸任,也許他已經在注意自己留了什麼東西...

    • 請幫我用英文翻譯>”

      ... Si De and king, has had three pretty like flower's daughters, little... to well up, feasts one's eyes on order. When sha professional female entertainer 18...

    • 文法問題 for one ~~~~

      to have one too many = 多出一(人/物) one可以換作two, three ... 見<遠東新世紀... = 在多次打破窗戶後,現在又再一次打破窗戶 bruises on gradma =阿媽被球打到多處瘀傷 a big brother's black eye =哥哥的眼圈被...